Black Mirror Labyrinth


The Opening

Thus, if I begin to tell you this story now, nothing will ever be comparable to the completely finished picture you’ve already painted in your imagination. The order in which I tell you of these events is completely coincidental and without any connection at all. Wild chaos and immense, indescribable confusion dominate the scene. At this moment, nothing is slightly so as you would expect it from your mirror. You do not understand that it’s your own story this mirror is telling you now, because it seems confused, without structure, even worse, a meaningless sequence of indefinable letters.

Words out of context, meaning, sense, object and purpose

I will hereby present you the exact opposite of what you expected from this mirror. That is the difference between my reality and your imagination. In my reality all these words leave me with an infinitely deeper meaning. I can not get enough of them and can not wait to immerse myself in this story, to play an active role, to expand, to think ahead, to supplement, to embellish and even participate in it. In your imagination however you understand neither the meaning nor the intention that hides in this mirror. You imagine not at all, what effect the words in this mirror may have, and to no point you picture the potential of this message to yourself. You neither eat it with your eyes nor with your brain, you look over this mirror with a view as if these words would be invisible or not here at all.




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